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  • Booming Industries in Kendall Square

    By Jessica Saluti As we near the end of 2016, we find it important at NGIN to celebrate accomplishments of the diverse companies under our roof. From biotech, robotics, Information Technology and cancer research, the startups we host in our shared space in Kendal Square are constantly finding ways to succeed within their industries. Since…

  • Increased Creativity in the Colder Months

    By Jessica Saluti As the days get colder, it becomes more difficult for many of us to be excited about going to work in the morning. For entrepreneurs and startups, the simple solution of working from home may seem like a great idea; however, it may not be. Although there are some clear benefits from…

  • Coworking Makes Entrepreneurship Contagious

    By Jessica Saluti Entrepreneurship can be a lonely road if you let it. However, entrepreneurs and startups have found a way around this loneliness with coworking spaces. These shared office spaces offer an experience that is one of a kind. Not only do they have the benefits of amenities, such as printing and Internet, they…

  • Healthy Lifestyle at NGIN Workplace

    5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Entrepreneurs

    NGIN Workplace is Helping Entrepreneurs Keep a Healthy Lifestyle with These 5 Tips! By Erin Fitzmaurice. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is something entrepreneurs struggle with every day. The good news is that NGIN Workplace is here to help! We’ve listed the top five tips for you to follow and achieve a healthy lifestyle. Make Your…

  • The future of coworking

    The Future Of Coworking

    Trends, Outlooks and Where We’re Headed Entrepreneurs have been storming coworking offices since the first ones popped up in the late 1990s. These shared office spaces have come a long way since their humble beginnings, now being the preferred workspace of a multitude of industries and professionals. But they are more than just a trendy fad…

  • Solo Entrepreneurs

    Solo Entrepreneurs Making Education Personal

    Solo Entrepreneurs Changing Education by Creating Individualized Education Plans for All Ages NGIN Workplace is bursting with solo entrepreneurs ready to learn and grow within their fields. But what happened before they got to the point where they were ready to start their own companies? Starting at a young age, we are educated in everything…

  • Book Your PERSONAL OFFICE At NGIN Workplace Today!

    Tired of not getting any work done at that crowded coffee house? We have a personal office available! Don’t miss your chance to have your very own private personal office in one of Kendall Square’s premier coworking space! Let us provide you with a professional workspace you can be confident and comfortable in. Impress all your…

  • Tip Hero brainstorming at NGIN Workplace

    Coworking Community Helping You Save Money

    Coworking community working to help their customers save and make money through easy to use services We can all relate, wanting to save money and make money but still have time to do the things we love. In a world where things don’t necessarily come cheap, it’s nice to find companies that are trying to…

  • Two women walk through NGIN Workplace

    Boston’s Tech Square leading companies at NGIN

    Boston’s Tech Square leading companies Our members are busy changing the world, one idea at a time. We are home to an amazing network of leading companies in the many different fields that are propelling the world forward. From bio and nano tech to graphic design and app development, NGIN Workplace has it all. We are proud…

  • Woman lifting barbell

    CrossFit at NGIN Workplace

    Too busy running your business but still want to stay in shape? At NGIN Workplace, we know our entrepreneurs are busy growing their businesses and pursuing their dreams. Finding time to hit the gym may be hard, if not impossible. That’s why we bring the gym right to you. Every Wednesday at 11:45am we offer…



NGIN is Not Your Typical Coworking Space

NGIN coworking is an intelligently designed shared office space built to inspire the minds of our members from the second they walk through our doors. We’re a collection of innovative minds brought together to re-think, re-create, and disrupt the waters in a variety of industries.

NGIN proudly has a perfect 5 star rating on Yelp!

“When you need a break, they provide healthy snacks in an open cafe/bistro/kitchen area, host yoga classes, and have a open PS4 and a lounge. I would highly recommend NGIN and more startups and companies should come work here.

“I had a fantastic experience at NGIN. I rented a hot desk, so I sat out in the main open floor plan area but it was never distracting or too loud. The perks are also awesome – free coffee, tea, seltzer, and loads of snacks put out in the common kitchen area.

All in all, this is a fantastic spot to get work done happily and comfortably. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

“The conference room has large open windows and a view of Cambridge. NGIN is not sterile, the colors are bright yet comfortable, it’s got great vibes, modern yet with a flare.

You are also close to Cambridge’s groovy Central Square and eclectic Inman Square with a huge selection of ethnic food, vegetarian restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. I would highly recommend the space for work, fun, play and hangout. Check it out for yourself.”




Space-1-copyNeed a desk, office, meeting room for an hour, a day, a month, a year? No problem! All our spaces and terms are highly customized.


NO-COMMITMENT44-200x195Our contract-free structure makes it easy for you to get your NGIN started today!
Try us for a Day or a Month to see if we’re a good fit for you.


plugandplay3-300x280Never pay for additional meeting room hours, B&W/color printing, phone bills, snacks, coffee, beer, or office supplies ever again! NGIN is loaded with the resources you and your business needs.


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